Techni Ice: A Versatile Ice Pack Replacement For Use in Camping, Picnics, and More!

Techni Ice is the culmination of many years of research into the development of a high performance ice replacement to replace dry ice for the safe transportation of produce across the world aboard aircraft. It is used in many commercial applications including the transport of pathology samples, produce, chocolate and perishables and is now available for your ice box.

Quick Facts:

Here are the reasons why you should buy Techni Ice:

1. It stays frozen for days and is re-usable. It is ideal for your ice box on long trips where ice would normally melt.

2. It can be used as a flexible, wrap-around ice pack for injuries and doubles as a hot pack for muscle aches. Simply place in the microwave or immerse in hot water.

3. It can be cut to fit the smallest freezer compartment or lunch box.

4. It is non-toxic. It is manufactured in Australia and is compliant with the highest commercial standards and approved by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia for direct contact with fresh meats and fish.


Techni Ice is a freezable gel pack that can be used to keep food or other items at a cool temperature. But why not use a regular ice pack or gel pack? Because Techni Ice is better. It is a technologically advanced polymer refrigerant that can be used in hot or cold maintenance applications. So it is not just for cooling.

Handy and Convenient

It is very easy to use, perfectly reusable, lightweight, flexible, and can be cut to just the size that you need. Field tests have shown that it can stay in a frozen state for almost as long as dry ice while being considerably safer and easier to handle. In comparison to regular wet ice, Techni Ice stays frozen about 4 to 7 times longer.

So if you run a food business that delivers cold drinks or desserts, you can use Techni Ice sheets to ensure that your customers receive their orders at a temperature ideal for serving. If you are going on a picnic or operating a mobile bar, you can use the Techni Ice sheets to keep liquor, water, and ice cool on the go. On a smaller scale, you can place a sheet of Techni Ice in your lunchbox to ensure that you have a hot (or cold) meal ready for you at lunch time.


Medical professionals can also use it to transport blood bags, medical test samples, and other delicate biological materials. It also comes in handy in many first aid situations, such as needing to treat a bodily injury with a cold or hot compress.

And one can extend its use to recreational activities such as sports and exercise. Athletes and fitness buffs will find that it makes a good wrap-around, drip-free ice pack for cooling down one’s body after a heavy workout. It also comes in handy for outdoor activities such as camping and fishing.

Designed in Australia, Techni Ice is sold in sheets made up of 24 individual cells that can be cut to any size as you please.

Techni Ice – Gel Pack (Reusable, Replaceable, Recyclable) new technology 4 ply Flat – Sheets x 1


Gel Pack (Reusable, Replaceable, Recyclable) new technology 4 ply Flat – Sheets x 1

Gel Pack (Reusable, Replaceable, Recyclable) new technology 4 ply Flat – Sheets x 3


Gel Pack (Reusable, Replaceable, Recyclable) new technology 4 ply Flat – Sheets x 4 or More


$6 per sheet


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