Sushezi : The Ultimate Sushi Maker

Makes perfect sushi in minutes!

Sushi making is an art, one that many believe to be difficult to master. In fact, many Japanese roll their own sushi in their homes, and while their work may not be comparable to the top-notch work of Japanese chefs, it can nevertheless be edible and delicious.

It is easy to use and easy to clean—dishwasher safe.

The Sushezi Sushi Maker is ideal for:
1. Creating healthy lunches
2. Making impressive starters for guests
3. Enjoying home-made Japanese cuisine
So feel free to make your own sushi with the Sushezi. Make perfect sushi anytime, every time!

Master the art in a snap

With the Sushezi, you can quickly and consistently turn out perfectly formed rolls of sushi with minimum fuss and effort. Just filling it with your chosen ingredients and it will produce impressive-looking slice of sushi in a matter of minutes. The sushi will look as good as that made professionally in trendy sushi bars. You can easily produce a fine-looking sushi platter to serve guests at a party or get-together, with the help of the Sushezi Sushi Maker.

Easy To Use

Follow these easy steps for delicious but easy to make sushi:

1. Open it up and lightly coat the interior with a little oil.
2. Put in the rice (hands should be wet to make it easier to handle) and mold the rice into place. Pack half a cup of rice into one side of the Sushi Maker, and repeat with another half cup of rice on the other side–just be sure that the plunger rod is out of the way.
3. Take the plunger rod and impress it upon the rice on each side of the Sushi Maker in turn. Doing so will form a straight, finely-formed groove on each side.
4. Select your preferred sushi ingredients and place them into the grooves.
5. Close the Sushi Maker tightly, and by turning the plunger rod, it will compress the ingredients to the ideal consistency and compactness.
6. Lay down a sheet of nori (edible seaweed wrapper). Remove the end cap from the Sushi Maker and turn the plunger rod once again to push the rice roll onto the nori. Then you simply wrap the nori around the rice roll, seal it with a bit of water, and wait 15 minutes before slicing it.

Then you can cut it into bite sized pieces that are ready to serve!

sushezi sushi maker

Sushezi : The Ultimate Sushi Maker