Bamken: A Trusted Name in Food Dehydrator Repairs

Need a fix? Not a problem. Bamken can take care of your food dehydrator repairs need!

The food dehydrator has become part of the modern-day kitchen, same as a microwave or food processor. All of these appliances may occasionally need fixing. But where can you find a licensed professional to take on the repair services? No need to look any further. Bamken is the only authorised service agent of Harvest Maid and Ezidri food dehydrator repairs in the state of West Australia. They also act as the sales and service provider of EZIDRI products for WA. So if you need someone to handle your food dehydrator repairs, you know you’re in good hands with Bamken.

Bamken has been in the dehydrator sales and service industry for more than 20 years. An Australian-owned and managed company that is headquartered in Perth, Bamken provides prompt service and can offer a wealth of professional servicing experience to anyone who is in need of EZIDRI or HARVEST MAID FOOD DEHYDRATOR REPAIRS. They are also the authorised agent for handling EZIDRI warranty servicing, and general product servicing for West Australia. They are also the authorized repair agency for Ezivac vacuum sealing device servicing and for Harvest Maid food dehydrator.

EZIDRI food dehydrator products serviced include:
• EZIDRI Ultra FD1000 Drier
• EZIDRI FD500 Snackmaker Drier
• EZIDRI Classic FD300 Everyday Drier

Each EZIDRI appliance model is geared towards a specific type of user. The Ultra FD1000 model is useful for bulk food dehydration jobs, and is a good option for commercial enterprise users. The FD500 Snackmaker Drier is popular with families, while the Classic FD300 Everyday Drier is best suited for small kitchens that will use it for drying fruits and vegetables only.

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