Multi-Purpose: The Dream Pot Is a Thermo Cooker, Food Warmer, Camping Accessory and More!

The Dream Pot is the ultimate thermo cooking experience! This marvelous product is a multi-purpose, non-electrical, portable indoor/outdoor appliance. It is the pot that cooks, keeps cold or keeps hot. The outer stainless steel shell of this pot contains highly insulated material and comes complete with two stainless steel inner pots. We offer 5 and 6 litre models.

The Amazing Dream Pot™ (5L)


Cooking is a fun hobby for some, a major chore for others. If you feel like cooking is taking too much time and effort, you will benefit from using the Dream Pot, a thermo cooker that provides an easier way to produce hot, delicious meals. It introduces a new style of cooking that only requires heating up the ingredients, leaving them inside the thermo cooker, and simply waiting until everything is cooked. It is that easy. Anyone who cooks is sure to benefit from using the Dream Pot. Using it in your kitchen at home, you can expect it to reduce the amount of gas and electricity you use for cooking by about 80%. The thermo cooker itself requires no gas or electricity. You only use up gas and electricity in the initial heating of the meal ingredients.

Handy and Convenient

Travelers will find a great deal to like about the Dream Pot. It is designed to be portable and handy enough to take with you on trips. The next time you go camping, be sure to bring it along with you. It is stable and durable, more than capable of handling the rigors of travel. At your camp site, you can prepare a meal and leave it in the thermo cooker, then have a lot of time to enjoy outdoor activities, knowing that you will be coming back to a hot and ready dinner. Here’s another delightful travel scenario: going to the local market and shopping for fresh ingredients, then going back to your hotel to make a great meal with the thermo cooker. It is the kind of travel companion that can turn your vacation into a culinary adventure.

The Amazing Dream Pot™ (6L)


A Dream Pot package is made up of an outer pot constructed using stainless steel which serves as the thermo cooker, plus two smaller inner pots. The shell of the outer pot is designed to possess high-calibre insulating properties which enables it to trap the heat inside so well, that food can be cooked in the pot while it is kept there. The insulation is also good for keeping stored food hot. You can simply leave food inside the thermo cooker until you’re ready to eat and still find it nice and hot.

But the Dream Pot is also useful for keeping things cold. It is actually more than a thermo cooker—it is a versatile cooking accessory that can be used as a cooler, food warmer, or brain-marie, depending on your needs.

To use the Dream Pot as a thermo cooker, you first have to place ingredients into one of the inner pots. Then you put that pot on a heating element and bring it to a boil with the lid on (or as the recipe requires), stirring occasionally. After a short time, you can transfer the inner pot inside the larger Dream Pot. Close the lid, and you have a thermo cooker. There is no need for you to check the food or stir anything. You only have to wait until the minimum required cooking time is up. Then you can open the thermo cooker and enjoy a delicious meal. That’s how simple it is.

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