The following recipes show you why Cherries are such a great fruit to dehydrate!

With an Ezidri dehydrator you can create Cherry halves in no time at all! Dried cherries make a great snack and are also fantastic on top of your ice-cream! They are delicious when rehydrated & used in a variety of recipes like rollups, pies, cakes & more.


Drying cherries is a simple process! Simply remove the stems, wash, halve & pit. Then place them on your Ezidri dehydrator trays, and dehydrate at 55 deg C (Snackmaker-Medium) for 14-24 hours, depending on how dry you’d like them. When dry, they should be pliable with no visible signs of moisture.

Dehydrated cherries make a fantastic snack & also look good after rehydrating so they can be used in pies. To rehydrate, simply soak them in water for 15-20 minutes & then drain.

Don’t forget you can also combine them with apples & other fruits to make delicious rollups!



1 cup rehydrated dark cherries
1/2 cup amaretto or Grand Marnier Liqueur
500g cream cheese, softened
1 Tbsp sugar, or more to taste
1 cup chopped toasted almonds
Water crackers


In a bowl, cover rehydrated cherries with liqueur & refridgerate for 24 hours: drain. With a mixer, beat cream cheese until light & fluffy: add sugar, soaked cherries & almonds, if desired (almonds can also be added later). Taste & adjust sweetness. Chill mixture until firm and form into a ball. If desired, roll ball in almonds until covered.

If you prefer a non-alcoholic spread, eliminate the liqueur-soaking step. Instead, add cherry, almond or orange extract to the cream cheese mixture to taste.

Serve with crackers and enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of The Dehydrator Cookbook, by Joanna White.


This syrup is delicious on pancakes & crepes!


1 cup water, plus 2 Tbsp cold water
1/2 cup dried cherries
1/2 cup sugar
1/8 tsp dried lemon peel
1 Tbsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp vanilla


Combine the 1 cup water & the dried cherries in a saucepan. Let sit for 10 minutes to rehydrate.

Place the pan over high heat & bring the mixture to boil. Reduce the heat to low, add the sugar & the lemon peel, and stir to dissolve sugar. Simmer the cherry mixutre for 15 minutes until they are soft & tender, adding more liquid if necessary.

In a small dish, stir together the remaining 2 tablespoons cold water & the cornstarch until blended. Add the cornstarch mixture and the vanilla to the cherry mixture & simmer, stirring constantly, until the syrup is thickened. Serve while still warm over pancakes or crepes and enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Mary Bell’s Complete Dehydrator Cookbook.